The funny thing about the recently popular term "Meaningful Reform" is that it doesn't seem to actually mean anything at all. I'm going to poke some fun at things like that and randomly share political stories and other items that amuse or interest me.


#ILikeObamaCare because…

  • introducing politics into healthcare is BRILLIANT
  • $500 billion was cut from medicare
  • the only negative is that there are sooooo many positives!
  • @RickSantorum cited it as his reason for running for president.
  • more people know, or are about to know what it means to have a government MANDATE.
  • the  admin banned OTC Inhalers and I hear that saves the environment!
  • socialized medicine has NEVER been a failure
  • i’m a mind numbed robot and i’m told by my union reps that i need to support it… OR ELSE.
  • quality of life, or spirit cannot be considered in doctor decisions. Iow, take the pain pill and be quiet granny!
  • i cannot get enough of the phrase “As the Secretary shall determine”
  • I like more involvement from the IRS in my life.
  • I like IPAB and politically backed government bureaucrats making decisions about my healthcare
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Rick Santorum in Davison, MI

Rick Santorum in Davison, MI

You have an opportunity tomorrow, Michigan… Shock the establishment.

Rick Santorum

Why I am voting for Rick Santorum on Tuesday’s Primary election

1.) His energy policy. Rick will remove bans on drilling, eliminate ALL subsidies for ALL energy producers and Immediately approve the Keystone pipeline.

2.) He will repeal the Affordable Care Act, because it does not provide anything remotely close to “Affordable Care” for anyone. He also was a leader in writing the legislation to make Health Savings Accounts possible. He wants medical decisions to be made between the patient and doctor without the government in the middle. The “Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is also the method in which many politicians could and would use mandates to determine who MUST cover what care. This is wholly unacceptable.

3.) He will reform entitlements. He has done it before in the congress in the 90’s as the author of welfare reform, and he will push for it again. Our country has gone from spending mostly on Defense and little on entitlements to an upside down model of spending on entitlements, NOT defense. He WILL cut $5 trillion in 5 years.

4.) Rick Santorum has been a leader when it comes to Iran and he has been sounding the warning bells on them getting nuclear weapons before it was ever popular to do so in 2004. As a senator, he also had set aside funds for our covert ops to assist the green movement in Iran to overthrow their regime. Funds that Obama took away upon taking office and when the revolution started in 2009, it was quashed.

5.)  There will only be two tax rates. 10% and 28%. Eliminate the AMT and the Death/estate tax (it’s set to jump to 55% if left alone). Lower Capital gains from 15% to 12% to encourage investments. TRIPLE the personal deduction for each child. Eliminate marriage tax penalties. Retain deductions for charitable giving, home mortgage interest, healthcare, retirement savings, and children. Cut corporate tax rates from 35% to 17.5%. This keeps american businesses competitive and reduces the incentive for our companies to send jobs overseas. Elimination of the corporate income tax for manufacturers.

6.) Dramatically repeal and rollback the onerous regulations from the “Obama-era”.

7.) Rick is pro-life and will not allow federal money to be spent on abortion funding and will defund planned parenthood of their federal money.

8.) He is honest and will admit when he doesn’t know something, or when he has made a mistake. Too many times do people look at politicians and say that they are sick of them lying, or weaseling out of things etc… Rick knows his stuff on these issues, he has his facts straight and he doesn’t back down on them. A gentleman at the spech tonight in Davison asked Rick a question relating to constitutionality of Obamacare and Romneycare, and he said (paraphrasing) Look, I haven’t heard that before, I will look into it, but I won’t try to dazzle you with an answer just to sound good. It left a very positive impression on me. Sure, I want a candidate to have all the answers, but nobody does. On all of the important issues, he DOES have answers for. 

I know many people will not agree, but here are a decent number of the reasons why I WILL be voting for Rick Santorum on Tuesday Feb 28th.

The Ben Bernanke and the fed

EPA: Jobs don't matter

Wonder why energy prices are so high? The EPA is killing jobs, as well as our energy sources.

Link: Michigan workers jam Capitol to protest union plan

Maybe we can get our Democrats to leave the state now too!!!